The Mirror Pool

I came to you
To watch
To watch you drink
The small, the grand
The young, the old
The hunters and the hunted

From plain and wilderness
Mountain and savannah
From the far reaches, you’d come
To surround a single body
Calm and still
A body of life
To refresh and to replenish

Humanity, it circled
An ever revolving scholl of two legged beasts
Without threat
Without malice
In circumference of wonder

A single droplet rippled
A single point
Followed by circle
After circle
After circle
Concentric mirrors of the last
Singular reminders of the infinity of life
Birth to death
To death
To birth

And you, each and every being
Your heads were bowed
As if in understanding

I too, knelt to join your throng
From my two legged magesty to four
At once an animal seeking succour
At once, merely another creature
One small creature
In the cycle of the earth


© December 28th, 2013
Written: Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
Inspiration: Cai Guo-Quiang – Falling Back To Earth

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