6 currawongs
Perched on a bush
On a cliff
Suspended above the forest
The edge falling
To where the faint white spec of a cockatoo
Is illuminated against the moss green canopy

As the winds begin to gale
One currawong takes flight
Buoyed towards the clouds
He dips then soars with the breeze
Circumnavigates the cliffs
And dives towards another perch out of sight
His black and white complexion
Silhouetted against the mottled sandstone

The valley stretches below
And the hues change as the light begins to fade
Amongst the moss
The grey filaments of tree trunks
Reflect a purple aura into the undergrowth

A storm draws near
It sweeps across the valley
Pulling a veil over the landscape
As the once blue horizon
Is shrouded in a curtain of payne’s grey

A single lightening bolt illuminates a lone tower
A sentinel for a different time

As the rain descends
The sounds of Godoomba echo through the valley
The birds have taken voice
Mingling with the languages of humans
A symphony of song fills the vastness
The birds, the bells
The humans, the timpani and the fanfare

The storm has reached the cliff
And the once defined horizon
Has receded into the blanket of the clouds

The hues of blue and purple, moss and sand
Have become all shades of grey
As mother nature
And her blessed rain
Enfold the valley

© Kacey Patrick 2004

Katoomba – Written in-between gigs at ‘The Clarendon’.

Miss Mia Rose – For Mia

Miss Mia Rose of chestnut hair
Of brightest eye, complexion fair
We gather here with joy this day
To bring you love, to bless your name
From this day forth as you explore
The fun of what life has in store
As you grow and spread your wings
We’ll watch with wonder, what life brings

Miss Mia Rose of flower name
Of loving heart, of kind refrain
May you be forever blessed
May angels hold you to their breast
May laughter be your life long friend
If sorrows come, may soon they end
May magic be with you always
Love, light and music fill your days

Miss Mia Rose we come this day
To bring you love, to bless your name

On the occasion of Mia’s Naming Ceremony, 2007.

© Kacey Patrick 2007

The Dream of Zedkat Nabu

Woodford Folk Festival 2012/13

“Zedkat Nabu dreamt that she was baking bread, and as she baked, water suddenly poured forth from her oven forming a great sea. As the sea rose, many and various animals tried to escape the growing deluge of water, crying out with their strange and exotic calls and cries. And on that sea, she came to see herself and her 3 sisters floating ……singing and floating ………..their voices joining those of the animals in a great chorus ……..a chorus of distress, but also of hope ……hope for survival. A chorus so haunting and beautiful that even the deluge of water paused to listen ………”
The Dream of Zedkat Nabu is a Universal story, both ancient and contemporary. It is a story of a world in peril, of species doomed for extinction.We join her dream at the moment of “The Great Chorus” ………the moment when the Great Flood pauses to listen ……….and know this ……….we are also in that story, and it is no dream. For it is time to sing together to create a Great Chorus that will for us too, turn back the waters of impending extinction.
The Dream of Zedkat Nabu was the World Premiere of a new work devised by Linsey Pollak and performed by 4 wonderful singers – Kacey Patrick, Velvet Pesu, Jeunae Rogers and Nadia Sunde and 4 musicians triggering the calls of endangered animals by striking bamboo poles – Jessica Ainsworth, Fatima, Linsey Pollak and Zaia. Lighting Design by Andrew Meadows. Costume and Set Design by Velvet Pesu.
This specially commissioned new work was performed over 4 nights (28th, 29th, 30th & 31st) on the Pond, next to the the Village Green at the Woodford Folk Festival 2012/13. At the core of this Musical work are the sounds of the animals themselves. Evocative calls of endangered species that speak directly to us in a way that words cannot. It is a call to action. A call to save this planet from the impending crisis. This is The Dream of Zedkat Nabu. 
Kacey Patrick in “The Dream of Zedkat Nabu”
Image by Jeff License – Tigermonkey Productions.