The Queen

The Queen

‘The Queen’ – Ahmarnya Price

In her tower
All forlorn
A Queen, she stands
Looks to the land

Her heart
It longs to be reborn
Upon a breeze
To find release
From a life of solitude

Dissolves in vision
As arms, they rise
To bless the skies

In the light
Of indecision
She grasps the door
And asks for more
And wakes into a world unknown

So many things she should have said
So many things she wanted to
So many things that she has seen
So many times she needed to

Collapse into the arms of peace to find
That she is kind

© Kacey Patrick 2004

The Queen

Revised and recorded by stringmansassy for Dragonfly (2004).

Song For Delphi

Would you choose to swim or fly
Choose the water or the sky
Would you be a mermaid or an angel

Would you choose to keep control
Or to unleash what’s in your soul
Choose to question or to simply follow

Life revolves, we question why
We come to life then life flies by
Would you choose to live as an immortal

Or would you have a finite grace
A short existence in this place
Would you choose a finite time for pleasure

Do you prefer to find a place of peace and solitude
Would you choose to end your life one lonely night
Does your heart feel hope when sorrow beckons to the moon
Do you always fly with your decisions

Would you choose to play your part
And to unleash what’s in your heart
Would you find a path where truth is certain

Would you choose to live in fear or strive for all your can
Would you risk all that you had for freedom
Would you choose to be unkind to woman, child or man
Do you feel all lost in indecision

Would you choose to find a place
Where life revolves with simple grace
Would you choose to show your heart’s compassion

Would you choose to swim or fly
Choose the water or the sky
Would you be a mermaid or an angel……?

© Kacey Patrick 2003 (revised 2011)
For Delphi. And in memory of Melanie Shanahan, and the ‘boat people’ who have risked everything on their journey to Australia.

Music – Aaron Hopper/Kacey Patrick (stringmansassy)
Released on ‘Dragonfly’ 2004.

Song For Delphi (‘Dragonfly’ – stringmansassy, 2004)