The Queen

The Queen

‘The Queen’ – Ahmarnya Price

In her tower
All forlorn
A Queen, she stands
Looks to the land

Her heart
It longs to be reborn
Upon a breeze
To find release
From a life of solitude

Dissolves in vision
As arms, they rise
To bless the skies

In the light
Of indecision
She grasps the door
And asks for more
And wakes into a world unknown

So many things she should have said
So many things she wanted to
So many things that she has seen
So many times she needed to

Collapse into the arms of peace to find
That she is kind

© Kacey Patrick 2004

The Queen

Revised and recorded by stringmansassy for Dragonfly (2004).


With single touch
I shall unfurl
A frond so coiled
Unwind, uncurl
One vertice stroke
‘Long lines so bound
Down spine and bone
Til soft place found
And with one stroke
Surrender comes
To all life’s vice
All will-be-dones
With one caress
A soul is found
Neath frond so coiled
Unfurled, unwound

© Kacey Patrick 22/6/2015

Little White Clouds

Little white cloudsLittle White Clouds
Light as cotton candy
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Soft as soft embrace
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Floating on the wind
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
White as dirty snow
Catch us as we fall

Compassion all but left us
Integrity retreats
Humanity, hands held high
Justice bids defeat

Little white clouds catch us
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Suspensions in the air
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Interlacing like a blanket
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Of singular persuasion
Catch us as we fall

Little white clouds
Intermittent vagabonds
Catch us as we fall

Gratitude, head bowed down
Love sheds salty tears
Morality, the first to leave
Conscience lives in fear

As we fall from grace and favour
We fall in space and time
We fall to false not candour
We fall to rob life blind

Little white clouds catch us
Catch us as we fall
The great descent of fallen angels
Little white clouds
Catch us

© Kacey Patrick 2015
(suspended in the air – 10/3/2015)


The Mirror Pool

I came to you
To watch
To watch you drink
The small, the grand
The young, the old
The hunters and the hunted

From plain and wilderness
Mountain and savannah
From the far reaches, you’d come
To surround a single body
Calm and still
A body of life
To refresh and to replenish

Humanity, it circled
An ever revolving scholl of two legged beasts
Without threat
Without malice
In circumference of wonder

A single droplet rippled
A single point
Followed by circle
After circle
After circle
Concentric mirrors of the last
Singular reminders of the infinity of life
Birth to death
To death
To birth

And you, each and every being
Your heads were bowed
As if in understanding

I too, knelt to join your throng
From my two legged magesty to four
At once an animal seeking succour
At once, merely another creature
One small creature
In the cycle of the earth


© December 28th, 2013
Written: Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
Inspiration: Cai Guo-Quiang – Falling Back To Earth