Miss Mia Rose – For Mia

Miss Mia Rose of chestnut hair
Of brightest eye, complexion fair
We gather here with joy this day
To bring you love, to bless your name
From this day forth as you explore
The fun of what life has in store
As you grow and spread your wings
We’ll watch with wonder, what life brings

Miss Mia Rose of flower name
Of loving heart, of kind refrain
May you be forever blessed
May angels hold you to their breast
May laughter be your life long friend
If sorrows come, may soon they end
May magic be with you always
Love, light and music fill your days

Miss Mia Rose we come this day
To bring you love, to bless your name

On the occasion of Mia’s Naming Ceremony, 2007.

© Kacey Patrick 2007

The Brolgas

Against the backdrop of an azure sky
A brolga pair orbits the baked earth
Like creatures from another time
Prehistoric in their form
Long and slender they rise
Vast wings in undulating motion

Such grace
As if buoyed by zephyrs

They circle to join others
Pairs in sublime union
To bless the skies
To bless the earth
To await dusk
When their call will resound through human hearts

© Kacey Patrick 2007
For the Yungaburra Folk Festival