At Journey’s End

Arriving at our journey’s end
We sought solace in a friend
A friend to share our secrets with
To share regrets and sorrows
To share the joy and wisdom learned
All that we’d seen, all that we’d heard
But no such friend was waiting there
The day after tomorrow

Before the journey had begun
We thought there was at least someone
A single individual to stand the test of time
But one forgets and one is blind
When one is harsh, cruel and unkind
That friends need to be nurtured
Even if they are of thine

We’re sure the bitterness of heart
It was not present at the start
But on reflection, maybe it was there
Since time began
And through the years it ebbed and flowed
And like a sickness, it did grow
Until all hope of recompense
Was wilted in distain

And friends that stayed all drifted off
One by one, then all at once
Some held on, until the hurt
They found too much to bare
And did we notice, No!, not then
We thought we were a God to men
Too arrogant, conceited
And too cold of heart to care

So now, at journey’s end we see
All that was life, all memories
Are no more that a little blip
In life’s eternal roll
For if one has no friends to share
The joys and sorrows, loves and cares
The only one to confide in
Is one who’ll save your soul

© Kacey Patrick 2012 (October 1st)

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