with The Saruzu Quartet

The Saruzu Quartet

With respect, precision, artistic flair, and (on occasion) reckless abandon, The Saruzu Quartet gives established musical boundaries a polite shove and celebrates the musical passions of its members with an edgy and contemporary sensibility. In the hands of this ensemble, the rich harmonies of Argentine Tango, the wild improvisations of Gypsy and Contemporary Jazz, and the fire and grace of Flamenco, are masterfully reinvented.

The Saruzu Quartet is a collaboration of some of Australia’s finest musicians in the realms of Jazz and Flamenco. Andrew Shaw – double bass, Andrew Veivers – guitar, Shenzo Gregorio – violin, and Simone Pope – Flamenco Dance and percussion. Each master musicians and performers in their own right, this quartet is truly the sum of its parts, and is one of Australia’s most dynamic and engaging ensembles.


Kacey Patrick, the mistress of song from stringmansassy, joins the Saruzu Quartet, the masters of flamenco/jazz. If you have ever listened to the duo stringmansassy, you know how sweet and rich the sound that comes from Kacey Patrick’s throat is. Every note is embedded with passion and precision which makes her the perfect vocalist for Australia’s top flamenco/tango/jazz ensemble, Saruzu.

(The Northern Rivers ECHO – 25/7/2007)