The Dream of Zedkat Nabu

 Winner of the APRA Art Award | Queensland Performance of the Year | 2013

Kacey Patrick in The Dream of Zedkat Nabu

Zedkat Nabu dreamt that she was baking bread, and as she baked, water suddenly poured forth from her oven forming a great sea. As the sea rose, many and various animals tried to escape the growing deluge of water, crying out with their strange and exotic calls and cries. And on that sea, she came to see herself and her 3 sisters floating …. singing and floating …. their voices joining those of the animals in a great chorus …. a chorus of distress, but also of hope …. hope for survival. A chorus so haunting and beautiful that even the deluge of water paused to listen ….

The Dream of Zedkat Nabu is a Universal story, both ancient and contemporary. It is a story of a world in peril, of species doomed for extinction. We join her dream at the moment of “The Great Chorus”, the moment when the Great Flood pauses to listen.  And this story is no dream. We are also a part of it, for it is time to sing together to create a Great Chorus that will for us too, turn back the waters of impending extinction.


‘The Dream of Zedkat Nabu’ was the World Premiere of a new work devised by Linsey Pollak, specially commissioned by the Woodford Folk Festival and performed over 4 nights (28th, 29th, 30th & 31st) on the Pond, next to the the Village Green at the Woodfordia 2012/13. At the core of this Musical work are the sounds of the animals themselves. Evocative calls of endangered species that speak directly to us in a way that words cannot. It is a call to action. A call to save this planet from the impending crisis. 


Performed by 4 vocalists – Kacey Patrick, Velvet Pesu, Jeunae Rogers and Nadia Sunde. And 4 musicians triggering the calls of endangered animals by striking bamboo poles – Jessica Ainsworth, Fatima, Linsey Pollak and Zaia.

Lighting Design by Andrew Meadows.

Costume and Set Design by Velvet Pesu.